Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Senator Murray Joins Colleagues in Push to Expand Federal Purchasing of West Coast and Pacific Northwest Seafood


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Commercial fishing and seafood processing on the West Coast is a significant contributor to U.S.
seafood production and also a key part of our country's agricultural and food production system
as a whole. Perhaps more importantly, the industries are the economic and community backbone
of the small ports and vibrant rural towns that dot our Pacific shorelines.

On average, commercial fishermen on the West Coast deliver more than $500 million in exvessel value per annum, accounting for 13% of the value of total U.S. seafood production. A
quarter of all American seafood processing and wholesale jobs are located in Washington,
Oregon, and California, representing the largest employment opportunity among all seafoodproducing regions in the U.S. The domestic seafood sector is also a critically important
component of America's food production system, supporting more than 1.2 million jobs,
generating more than $144 billion in sales impacts, and contributing more than $61 billion to the
nation's gross domestic product.

As with rural economies everywhere, but perhaps most acutely in small coastal communities,
COVID-19 had a devastating impact and a primary driver of that impact was the effect on the
fishing and processing industry. According to a report issued by NOAA Fisheries in December
2021, ex-vessel revenue fell by 27% from 2019-2020 and seafood dealers and processors
sustained a decline in value added of $598 million (or 13.47%) as well. The West Coast saw a
larger decline in revenue from commercial fishing landings than all regions as a whole, with a
dip of 24% in 2020 as compared to a five year baseline (2015-2019). NOAA found that a
significant part of the lost value was due to restaurant closures and reduced export.
Last year under your leadership, USDA purchased just over $16 million in West Coast seafood
products, providing a significant boost for the industry and our coastal communities. We are
very thankful for that purchase but note that other regions have received significantly more
support during the pandemic. USDA's procurement programs are critical for ensuring that our
food production systems remain robust, essential workers remain employed, supply chains keep
operating, and America's nutritional needs are met. We thus request that you include appropriate
Pacific Northwest and West Coast seafood products that are currently being produced in large
volumes, are easily accessible, and easily transportable for immediate distribution to food
assistance programs.