Congressman Van Drew Expresses Disgust with Governor Murphy Allowing Violent Offenders to be Released Early from Prison


Date: March 7, 2022
Location: Bridgeton, NJ
Issues: Defense

Today, Congressman Van Drew expressed his disgust with Governor Murphy and the New Jersey criminal justice system for allowing violent offenders to be released early from prison under a COVID-19 release program signed into New Jersey law.

"It is unacceptable and quite frankly, just disgusting, that New Jersey is using COVID-19 as an excuse to shut down prisons and allow violent offenders to be released early from prison," said Congressman Van Drew. "Weak on crime policies being proposed and implemented by Democrats are permitting violent offenders to be released from prison early and freely walk our streets. Governor Murphy announced that the COVID-19 public health emergency has ended in the state of New Jersey, as well as lifted mandates across the state, yet individuals who committed violent acts are still allowed to be released from prison prior of the end of their full sentence. Additionally, there should be no discussion of closing prisons in South Jersey and rewarding individuals who committed unspeakable acts."

"The main objective of prisons is to ensure that we keep our communities safe and individuals who pose a threat to society receive the punishment they deserve," added Congressman Van Drew. "This is bad policy, and this is not how justice is served. Governor Murphy's responsibility is to protect and serve the people of New Jersey, and by allowing violent criminals to be released from prison early, he is endangering the well-being of law-abiding civilians."