Congressman Van Drew Issues Statement on Governor Murphy Allowing NJ Workers to be Fired Over Vaccine Mandates but lets Violent Criminals Free


Date: March 24, 2022
Location: New Jersey

Today, Congressman Van Drew issued a statement on Governor Murphy releasing inmates, including violent criminals, ahead of the end of their sentence, while simultaneously allowing our correctional officers, healthcare workers, and mental health professionals to be fired for maintaining the right to body autonomy.

"Our country is witnessing staggering statistics regarding crime across our cities, yet Governor Murphy finds it appropriate to release inmates as part of a COVID-19 release program," said Congressman Van Drew. "Simultaneously, as Governor Murphy is allowing violent criminals to walk freely on the streets, he is allowing our frontline workers to be fired for making their own health decisions. If Governor Murphy is truly concerned about the public safety of New Jerseyans in issuing these vaccine mandates, then he would not be allowing violent criminals to be released from prison ahead of their sentence. Governor Murphy allowing violent criminals who are likely to re-offend to walk freely along the streets of New Jersey is short sighted and puts law-abiding New Jerseyans at risk."

"I am also greatly concerned that New Jersey is discussing the possibility of replacing the word 'inmate' to 'person' or 'person who's incarcerated' in all New Jersey laws," stated Congressman Van Drew. "While correctional officers are being fired for maintaining the choice to not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, New Jersey is more concerned with ensuring that our laws are inclusive in respect to violent criminals. It is time for Governor Murphy and New Jersey Democrats to stop pushing leftist agenda while New Jerseyans are being forced to choose between losing their livelihoods or being forced to receive a vaccine they do not want."

"Last week, I sent a letter to Governor Murphy expressing my complete opposition to his unconstitutional and authoritarian vaccine mandates and demanding they come to an end," added Congressman Van Drew. "Despite being listed as legitimate exemptions by the state of New Jersey, I have numerous constituents being refused religious or medical exemptions and being deprived of their fundamental rights. It is time to end this hypocrisy. We took office to represent and protect our constituents, and Governor Murphy must get his priorities straight."