Recognizing National Police Week

Floor Speech

Date: May 10, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. McCARTHY. Mr. Speaker, crime and the fear of crime impacts the lives of every American.

We know its rising pace: carjackings at record highs; smash-and-grab robberies surging; and at least 12 major cities breaking homicide records in 2021.

We know its price in dollar terms: $200 billion annually in a regressive crime tax.

We know its widespread costs to families who are afraid to walk the streets at night.

We know the tragic costs it inflicts in death and suffering.

And we know its root cause: soft-on-crime policies, far-left prosecutors, and radical Democrats. From Seattle and Portland to New York City and Washington, D.C., Democrats have failed the first duty of government. They have failed to keep citizens safe.

Now, some House Democrats want to erase their own soft-on-crime record, but the American people will not be fooled. This Congress, 219 House Democrats voted for a bill that would cost local police departments hundreds of millions of dollars.

The American people can't afford Democrats' radical agenda of fewer police officers on the streets, fewer criminals behind bars, more victims of violent crime.

Our police officers can't afford it either. Last year, more officers were murdered in the line of duty during President Biden's first year in office than at any point since 1995.

Mr. Speaker, let me say that again. Last year, more officers were murdered in the line of duty during President Biden's first year in office than at any point since 1995.

One of those officers was Kern County Sheriff's Office Deputy Phillip Campas. He was a rising star who was killed in the line of duty last year after his SWAT team responded to a domestic violence call. He leaves behind a wife and a young family.

He grew up in my hometown, and he went to the exact same elementary school and junior high that I did. Campas was a bright example of what it means to serve others. Fittingly, this year, his name was added to the Roll Call of Heroes on the National Peace Officers' Memorial in Washington, D.C.

To Deputy Campas' children, we cannot begin to imagine your sadness and pain, but I want you to know this: Your father was a hero. We will never forget him.

Mr. Speaker, the solution to safer communities is the exact opposite of Democrats' radical agenda. This crime crisis deserves serious leadership, and it starts with stepping up and supporting law enforcement.

Our brave officers face enormous challenges, yet they choose to wear the uniform every day. It is not enough to fully fund them. They must know we have their backs.

So, as National Police Week begins, I want to say something our law enforcement officers don't hear enough: Thank you. Thank you for protecting our communities. Thank you for protecting our children. Thank you for protecting our country.

While radical Democrats want to defund, demonize, and abolish the police, Republicans salute you, and we will always support you.