Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives - Issa Leads Letter to Pelosi Calling for an Urgent Vote on Bill to Protect Supreme Court Justices and Their Families


Speaker Pelosi,
As you know, on May 9, 2022, the United States Senate unanimously passed S. 4160, the Supreme Court Police Parity Act of 2022. The next day, a House companion bill was introduced by Congressman Issa. We urge you to bring S. 4160/H.R. 7705 to the floor as soon as possible and treat the personal threats to Supreme Court Justices with the urgency this situation demands.
The leak of the draft opinion for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization was an extreme departure from Supreme Court procedure, which led to dangerous protests at the private residences of the Justices, threats to their wellbeing, and threats to their family members. While we support the First Amendment right of those displeased with the draft opinion to peacefully assemble and protest, attempting to obstruct justice through protesting at a "residence occupied or used by" a justice and threats of violence against the justice or their families cannot be tolerated and should be unequivocally condemned.
The apolitical nature of the United States judiciary is why the Supreme Court is one of our nation's most respected institutions. Justices must stay above the fray of partisan politics to protect and interpret the Constitution as they were appointed to do. S. 4160/H.R. 7705 will provide security for the family of Supreme Court justices, similar to officials in the executive and legislative branches. Congress must respond and ensure that our colleagues across the street and their families are safe. We urge you to immediately bring this legislation to the House floor.