Congressman Tim Ryan and Colleagues Kick Off Bipartisan Border Security Technology Caucus with Briefing on Advanced Technologies Available to Help Secure Border

Date: May 26, 2022
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Immigration

U.S. Representatives Tim Ryan (D-OH-13), Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX-15), Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23), and Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN-03), members of the Bipartisan Border Security Technology Caucus, held the Caucus' first briefing since launching in March. The Caucus was joined by Orbital Insight, who presented on how geospatial data can help law enforcement agencies better monitor and collect data on migration across our borders.

"In 2021 alone, we know nearly two million unauthorized migrants came across the Mexican border. This calendar year is on pace to repeat those same numbers," said Congressman Ryan during his opening remarks. "There's eight billion people in the world and a lot of them want to live in the United States, so we need to make sure that we have an orderly process on how we let people into this country."

"Now is the time to implement smart and effective methods to further secure our borders," said Congressman Vicente Gonzalez. "There is nothing partisan about keeping our men and women in blue and green safe, and there is nothing partisan about securing our border in a cost efficient and technologically advanced way. I look forward to our continued work that will come from this bi-partisan caucus and the real change we can bring to our border communities."

"Solutions that come from discussions across the aisle lead to real results for our country," said Congressman Tony Gonzales."Last week's meeting was the start of these types of bipartisan, informed discussions. I look forward to the continued work of the caucus and the results that will come from it."

"We can only achieve thorough and lasting border security through bipartisan discussion and efforts. Improved border security technologies are critical to securing the southern border and the Bipartisan Border Security Technology Caucus' first meeting is an important step to making real progress for the American people," said Congressman Chuck Fleischmann.

Congressman Tim Ryan co-founded the Bipartisan Border Security Caucus with his colleagues in March and currently serves as the Caucus' Co-Chair. The mission of the Caucus is to inform Congress of available technologies to improve and strengthen our nation's border security.