Recognizing the American Legion Post 283 on its 100th Anniversary

Floor Speech

Date: June 15, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GALLAGHER. Madam Speaker, today I rise to congratulate the American Legion Post 283 Harold C. Anderson on its 100th Anniversary.

Post 283 was founded on January 24, 1922, when 15 founding members came together to sign the Legion constitution forming the Suring American Legion Post. For 100 years, the Suring American Legion Post 283 has upheld the vision of legions across the country to the highest degree. Post 283 proudly carries the name of Maple Valley native and World War One veteran, Private Harold Christian Anderson, Private Anderson enlisted in the armed forces in 1917, joining the 32nd Infantry Division in Waco, Texas before quickly being shipped to France. Private Anderson was wounded in action in France on October 7, 1917, and succumbed to his wounds 6 days later just weeks before his 22nd birthday. He was buried in France until he was exhumed and returned home to Oconto County.

The legion carries on the memory, service, and sacrifice of Private Anderson through their vision of strengthening America by improving the lives of veterans, the military, and their families.

Post 283 has continued to grow from their beginnings of 15 founding members 100 years ago. Post 283 now has over 80 members located across the United States, who work together to teach future generations about the importance of service. The members of Post 283 are a true inspiration and example for all Americans. The continued service and dedication that the members of Post 283 have shown to not only the Suring community, but to the United States of America is deserving of the highest degree of recognition. As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Post 283, we must recognize the outstanding services that they have and continue to provide to Suring and surrounding communities. Post 283 enjoys supporting the local Suring High School and other organizations in countless ways.

Post 283 has been a voice for the men and women who have served our country. At Post 283 every day they put country before self, just as they did the day they joined the service. American Legion Post 283 Harold C. Anderson is a true credit to Northeast Wisconsin.

Madam Speaker, please join me in honoring the Suring American Legion Post 283 Harold C. Anderson as they come together to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.