Rep. Stewart Introduces Bill to Stop Biden from Ceding Power to WHO Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Print this Page Share by Email

Press Release

Date: May 21, 2022
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Today, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) introduced legislation that would stop President Biden from moving power and control from America's government to the World Health Organization (WHO). The bill would also defund U.S. contributions to the WHO unless the international organization takes steps to hold China accountable for the origin of COVID-19.

"President Biden must be stopped from handing power to a corrupt body of international bureaucrats," said Rep. Stewart. "If he gets his way, the WHO will have the power to unilaterally declare a public health crisis in America. Yes, the same WHO that actively covered for China by denying their role in the origins of COVID-19. If an American citizen didn't vote someone into office, they have no business telling us how to live.

"The president is hoping that an America distracted by his own series of crises -- from raging inflation to rising crime to an unprecedented baby formula shortage -- won't notice the attempt to give up sovereignty in Geneva. I noticed. Congress must now pass my legislation to hold China accountable and keep American decision-making where it belongs: with the American people."

First, this legislation prohibits the use of funds to propose any amendments to the WHO that would supersede or otherwise modify authorities under the U.S. Second, the legislation would defund U.S. contributions to the WHO unless the organization completes the following requirements:

Hold the People's Republic of China accountable for failing to comply with the International Health Regulations and make available a report of its findings;
provide steps the WHO is taking to ensure China's accountability, including the role China played in the origin and spread of COVID-19;
and take steps to strengthen both its accountability and ability to be impartial and objective while improving its transparency and overall effectiveness.