Letter to President Joseph R. Biden - Golden, Bipartisan Colleagues Urge Further Action to Support Ukraine


Dear Mr. President,
As Ukraine continues to defend its nation from Russia's unprovoked invasion, the U.S. and our allies must provide further support and assistance to ensure that the Ukrainian armed forces can protect innocent civilians and uphold the sovereignty of their nation. We are encouraged that the U.S. -- along with our partners and allies in Europe and around the globe -- have shown a united front in our provision of critical defense materiel, increased sanctions, and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the war-torn nation. This collective commitment to the Ukrainian cause has helped stave off Russian advances into Kyiv and other strategic locations in Ukraine, and reportedly has adversely impacted Russian military morale.
As we have seen with the devastation inflicted by Russian forces on the port city of Mariupol, however, it is critical that we do more to protect Ukraine and its people from Russia's indiscriminate attacks. Consequently, we reiterate our March 11, 2022 request that the U.S. work with our allies to transfer S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine. Although we understand negotiations on this subject are ongoing, the U.S. must act decisively to help finalize this deal and ensure NATO allies receive appropriate backfill to protect their own airspace.
Furthermore, as Russia has conducted many of its airstrikes from outside of Ukrainian airspace, we also believe that we must help provide additional radar systems to enhance Ukraine's air defense capabilities. The transfer of S-300s, along with increased radar capabilities and the continued supply of Stinger missiles will help create a more comprehensive Ukrainian air defense system.
We also request that Ukraine be provided with anti-ship missiles to counter the Russian naval threat to Ukraine in the Black Sea. Protecting Odessa and the Ukrainian coastline could prove critical to Ukraine's success in the war, and also has significant implications for European and NATO security. The Black Sea is Russia's foothold into the Mediterranean and further expansion into Ukraine could increase European reliance on Russian energy and threaten the safety of Black Sea littoral states, three of which are NATO allies.
We respectfully urge you to leverage the full weight of the United States government to achieve these objectives. We firmly believe these actions are not only in the interest of Ukraine and its people, but also in the interest of U.S. national security and the security of our NATO and European allies. Thank you for your consideration.