Reproductive Health Freedom

Floor Speech

Date: July 14, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BROWN of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, extremists have waged an all-out war against reproductive health freedom, and American bodies are being used as political battlegrounds to advance their radical agenda.

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, Americans have overwhelmingly voiced their opposition, and we must not ignore them. I am determined to defend reproductive healthcare rights of millions of Americans from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and I implore my colleagues to join me in the fight.

A post-Roe America sets our country's five decades of progress backward and threatens the health of marginalized communities who already face systemic barriers to accessing healthcare. Extremists have proven they will not stop until they have criminalized Americans for their right to take ownership of their reproductive health.

It is time that we make Roe the law of the land.

I urge our colleagues across the aisle to prioritize the will of the people and undo this grave injustice and protect it from being overturned in the future.