Recognizing Ms. Janine Guido and the Speranza Animal Rescue

Floor Speech

Date: July 20, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PERRY. Madam Speaker, I am honored to recognize Ms. Janine Guido for her tireless, selfless, and relentless commitment to the protection and rescue of animals in and outside of our community.

Janine grew up around avid horse-riders--where her affection and love for animals and all wildlife began. When her family built their 18-acre horse farm in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, she and her sister not only trained the horses, but also gave lessons/taught other children the joys and value of horses. Though horses were her main focus, her heart also led her to rescue myriad stray, injured, and unwanted animals in her free time.

In 2011, after several knee injuries that made it impossible to train/ride horses anymore, Janine turned her focus fulltime to rescuing animals. Using the family's farm as her home base, Janine went on to save numerous creatures--dogs, horses, goats, and cows, for starters. In the Spring of 2012, she began the process of establishing an official, non-profit Animal Rescue organization named ``Speranza''--the Italian word for ``hope''--which is now known around the world.

Janine is passionate about rescuing and rehabilitating animals-- particularly those deemed ``lost causes.'' She ensures that not only do these special creatures get a second chance at life, but that they truly learn the meaning of friendship, acceptance, trust, and love. Any animal that is, has been, or will be in Janine's care--which in some cases even means at the tragic moment of their last breaths in her arms--will know how much they're loved, cared for, and how much their lives mattered.

Janine's tireless support by her loving family and longtime boyfriend continue to allow her not only to realize her life's work, but to give 100 percent of her time, heart, and soul to this critical mission. She has set the standard not only for the numerous volunteers and good Samaritans who selflessly give of their time and/or treasure to share in this calling, but for all of us to follow.

I am humbled and honored to recognize and commend Ms. Janine Guido and Speranza Animal Rescue of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, on the auspicious occasion of their 10th Anniversary, and dedication to, support, and protection of our creatures great and small. I wish her Godspeed as she continues these spectacular and meaningful adventures.