Birth Control for All

Floor Speech

Date: July 21, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BROWN of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, imagine waking up one morning to a sharp, debilitating pain ripping through your lower abdomen that is so excruciating it brings you to your knees, then going to your doctor seeking relief, only to be told that while the medicine exists, because of a new anti-contraception law, you will simply have to endure; endure the unbearable pain that is so all-consuming it limits your daily activities.

By threatening access to contraception, this is the new reality extremists propose for tens of thousands of Americans.

Americans who rely on contraceptives to manage health challenges like menstrual cramps, hormone imbalance, and even acne, are now grappling with the fear of no access as the far right continues its war on reproductive healthcare.

Today, I proudly voted for the Right to Contraception Act because all Americans should have the right to access and use birth control, regardless of the reason why.