Dialing for Dollars

Floor Speech

Date: July 21, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PHILLIPS. Madam Speaker, according to an analysis by Issue One, House Members running for reelection this year raised $207 million over the past three months, an average of $3,400 per Member, per day.

Back in Minnesota, people ask me all the time how busy Members of Congress--compensated by taxpayers--could raise that much money every single day.

Well, we know the dirty truth around here: Rather than meeting with constituents, studying policy, writing legislation, or attending committee meetings, Members of the House and Senate collectively are spending 10,000 hours per week dialing for dollars or attending fundraising receptions. It is downright gross.

So that is why my colleague, Mike Gallagher, and I have introduced the On the Clock Act. Our bill won't fix America's corrupt campaign finance system, but it will ensure that Members of Congress spend more time working for the people and less time raising money for themselves.