Letter to Hon. Catherine Szpindor, Chief Administrative Officer U.S. House of Representatives - House Republicans Implore House Chief Administrative Officer to Immediately Terminate Citigroup Contract


Dear Chief Administrative Officer Szpindor,
We would like to bring to your attention an urgent matter regarding a vendor used by every member of the House of Representatives--Citigroup, Inc (Citi). As you know, Citi is the financial institution responsible for managing all credit cards for House offices. Members of Congress use the supplied Citi credit cards to pay for flights, supplies, and other goods.
Unfortunately, Citi sent a letter to its stakeholders in anticipation of its April 2022 stakeholder meeting stating that the company will "provide travel benefits to facilitate access to adequate [abortion] resources."1 These travel benefits are a response to laws that protect unborn children in the womb by setting gestational age limits for when a woman can procure an elective abortion. By choosing to underwrite travel to abortions for its employees, Citi has explicitly staked out its position to advance the liberal agenda of abortion on demand and has shown no regard for whether a particular state's laws are in place to protect the safety of a woman and her child.
This is an unfortunate move by Citi that will lead to the circumvention of state laws and unfettered access to elective abortions. It has long been the policy of our legislative branch of government that taxpayer dollars not be used to fund abortion. By offering to pay its employees in their efforts to terminate the lives of the unborn, Citi has forfeited its privilege of doing business with the House of Representatives. That is why we implore you to immediately terminate the House's existing contracts with Citigroup, Inc. and refrain from entering into any new contractual agreements with the company. We look forward to hearing from you about this urgent matter.