Letter to Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General - Uvalde Shooting Cover-Up


Dear Attorney General Paxton,

As Texans continue to mourn the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, 2022, the families of the victims are still struggling to get basic answers on how their loved ones died. Over the last four weeks, changing accounts about what occurred in Uvalde have compounded the trauma of this shooting, undermined public faith in our state leaders, and led to unproductive finger-pointing among state and local officials.

The City of Uvalde is seeking to delay access to documents and video footage to the families, press, and public. You have been asked to justify the effort to conceal information under the Texas Public Information law. I strongly encourage your office to issue a ruling that exceptions to the Texas Public Information law are inapplicable when used to conceal information related to the shooting in Uvalde. Information about what transpired that day should not be withheld due to an exemption that exists to protect innocent people, of which the shooter in Uvalde is not. The public is entitled to the truth.

You are in a unique position, and the people of Texas are counting on you. The public is entitled to this information, regardless of whether revealing details about the law enforcement response is "highly embarrassing," as an attorney representing Uvalde has said.

The aftermath of what occurred in Uvalde devastated the community and people across Texas. A first step in restoring trust in law enforcement and healing requires transparency from state and local officials. You have a choice: shine a light on what went wrong to help Uvalde heal or be part of the cover up.

Please, help the families of Uvalde learn the truth.