Letter to the National Board of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program - Norton Leads Letter on Eliminating Cap on Travel Reimbursement to Assist Migrants Bused to D.C.


Dear National Board:

We write to urge you to eliminate the Emergency Food and Shelter Program's (EFSP) cap on reimbursement for long-distance travel. This cap has prevented many migrants from reaching their final destinations.

It is our understanding that 85 percent of migrants who have been bused to the District of Columbia from Texas and Arizona intend to travel to a final destination other than D.C. The EFSP requirement that prohibits the use of funds for long-distance travel for more than 30 percent of migrants served has made it difficult for migrants to reach their final destination after their arrival in D.C.

While we applaud the National Board's July 22, 2022, decision to increase the travel cap to 50 percent of migrants served for 30 days, we are concerned that the percentage is still too low and the duration is too short. We anticipate that Texas and Arizona will continue to bus migrants to D.C. indefinitely. We ask that you permanently eliminate the cap.

The governors of Texas and Arizona are exploiting and harming vulnerable people who are fleeing desperate and dangerous situations in their home countries for political gain.