Build Back Better Act

Floor Speech

Date: Aug. 12, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. FLETCHER. Madam Speaker, today is a historic day. Today, we will vote on the question of whether to allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs and cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors; lower the cost of healthcare; implement smart energy policy to reduce emissions, fight climate change, and spur energy innovation; invest in American manufacturing; and reduce our deficit spending by $300 billion.

We answer these questions ``yes'' by voting for the Inflation Reduction Act.

As the representative of the energy capital of the world, where we lead in energy technology and investment, I want to respond to some of the things that we have just heard.

I am particularly proud of the work that we have done here to ensure that the historic methane emissions reduction program will actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make it possible for energy companies of all sizes to reduce their emissions through a grant program, and ensure that the United States remains the global leader in energy production and in energy innovation and technology.

We do this by voting together for this historic bill today.