Build Back Better Act

Floor Speech

Date: Aug. 12, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCHWEIKERT. Madam Speaker, for everyone here, this is a subsidy bill. And this is the classic difference between the left and the right. They are functionally subsidizing. We on the right actually want to change the market. We want competition.

So I am going to pull out one very simple example. In here, we have $2.5 billion of subsidies for our ports to get greener and more efficient. But then the Democrats slip in language that says human- operated, meaning you are not going to take on the unions, you are not actually going to make it more efficient, you are not going to actually embrace disruption and technology.

We keep coming to the floor and talking about things that would make our ports greener, faster, more efficient, feed the supply chain--these electric rail cars, except you functionally just made them not happen.

This is a subsidy for those unions, those folks who right checks to the left. You claim you are making the environment better and cleaner, but then you build the very barriers in the language that stop those good things from happening.