Rep. Cuellar Votes for Reducing the Deficit and Lowering Healthcare Premiums for South Texans

Press Release

Date: Aug. 12, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) voted to reduce the national deficit, lower Texas families' healthcare costs, create nine million good-paying jobs, and combat climate change while supporting the oil and gas industry.

"Today, I voted to fight inflation, slash healthcare premiums for Texans, create good-paying jobs and deliver the largest climate investment in our nation's history," said Congressman Cuellar. "The Inflation Reduction Act is an historic victory for Texas families: delivering the investments we need to keep health care costs down, reinvigorate American manufacturing and drive our transition to a cleaner energy economy while supporting our oil and gas industry. Importantly, this legislation is fully paid-for by ensuring that the wealthiest corporations--those making $1 billion or more--pay a minimum 15% tax rate. This will ensure that not one middle class Texan or small business pays a cent more in taxes. This legislation is a monumental step forward to build a fairer, cleaner economy."

This legislation will bring costs down for working Texans while building a cleaner economic future across the country, taking action to:

· Lower the deficit and help fight inflation: making an historic down payment on deficit reduction of approximately $300 billion.

· Lower prescription drug prices: empowering Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, preventing excessive price hikes and capping seniors' out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000.

· Caps Insulin Costs at $35 A Month for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities on Medicare.

· Lower health care costs: reducing premium costs by extending ACA subsidies for three more years, locking in average annual savings of $800 per person.

· Deliver America's largest-ever climate investment: supporting domestic energy production, creating nine million good-paying jobs and reducing carbon pollution by roughly 40 percent this decade.

· Lower energy costs: saving families an average of $1000 per year on their energy bills.

· Mandates 150 of the wealthiest corporations, making over $1 billion, pay a minimum 15% tax rate. Just like you and I do.