Recognizing 250th Anniversary of Fincastle, Virginia

Floor Speech

Date: Sept. 21, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CLINE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the 250th anniversary of Fincastle, Virginia.

In 1772, western-moving settlers John Mill and Israel Christian founded the town of Fincastle, and by 1784 there were 59 homes as well as taverns and the early formation of a justice system.

Once Virginia's gateway to the West, Fincastle is the county seat of Botetourt, which once extended to the Mississippi River. Meriweather Lewis and William Clark visited Fincastle during their great expedition into the West. William returned to Fincastle and married Julia Hancock in 1808 in the historic home, Santillane. The town has been nationally recognized as a Lewis and Clark community.

Passing settlers stopped in Fincastle on their way into the interior of what would become the United States, conducting business and buying goods from the merchants in town.

Today, Fincastle proudly maintains its heritage and history.

Their version of the Botetourt County Courthouse, designed by President Thomas Jefferson, is located in Fincastle and contains records going back hundreds of years.

Fincastle's annual Historic Fincastle Festival will be a bit more special this year, celebrating the town's 250th anniversary, and being held this weekend.

Mr. Speaker, I am proud to represent this historic town, a bedrock of the oldest colony and the great Commonwealth of Virginia. biden's radical agenda


Mr. CLINE. Mr. Speaker, I rise to criticize President Biden and House Democrats in Washington for turning their backs on hardworking families.

Month after month, they have continued to advance a radical agenda that has crushed the American Dream.

Grocery costs are up 13\1/2\ percent, electricity costs are up 15\1/ 2\ percent, fuel oil costs are up nearly 70 percent. Everything has gone up since this failed President took office. Why? Because Biden and the Democrats are obsessed with spending taxpayer dollars and pushing Socialist Green New Deal policies.

Last week, after yet another inflation report showed that prices were up again, Joe Biden and the Democrats threw a party at the White House. To add insult to injury, on his recent interview on ``60 Minutes,'' President Biden had zero remorse for the devastating effects of his raging inflation crisis.

He continues to claim that the economy is great and that tons of jobs are being created. That is a lie. Here is what he is not telling you. Full-time jobs are way down, and it is only part-time jobs that are growing.

Biden and Democrats have sent a clear message that they don't care about American families. There is one solution to this problem: Stop reckless government spending. Virginia families are sick and tired of paying the price for Biden's radical agenda.

When Republicans retake the majority next year, we will end this inflation-fueled spending, fix this broken economy, and deliver power back to the American people.