Rep. Cartwright's Statement On The Invest To Protect Act And Other Public Safety Legislation

Press Release

Date: Sept. 22, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright (PA-08) released the following statement on the four-bill public safety package passed in the House. The legislation passed today includes The Invest to Protect Act, The Mental Health Justice Act, The Break the Cycle of Violence Act and The VICTIM Act¸ which aim to make communities safer by providing support to policing and community organizations to address crime and mental health issues.

"Every resident of Northeast Pennsylvania deserves to live in a safe community, one where you and your families can thrive. That's why I support legislation that gives our law enforcement heroes the tools they need to fight crime," said Rep. Cartwright. "Today, I proudly voted to pass a robust public safety package that would increase money for local police departments and provide aid for de-escalation training and mental health services."

The four bills in the package include:

- The Invest to Protect Act will help small law enforcement agencies fund training, mental health support, recruitment and retention. This bill gives agencies the flexibility to spend money where it will have the most impact and makes meaningful investments in our officers and our communities.

- The Mental Health Justice Act will help send mental health professionals to respond to mental health crises in our neighborhoods.

- The Break the Cycle of Violence Act invests in effective, evidence-based community violence intervention initiatives.

- The VICTIM Act will bolster the ability of police forces to solve homicides, sexual assaults, shootings and other violent crimes.

"We need to be tough on crime, but we also need to be smart about it. This legislation takes strong steps to build stronger, healthier relationships between law enforcement officers and those they serve. It allows us to all work together to help prevent crime, save lives and advance justice," said Rep. Cartwright.