Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act of 2022

Floor Speech

Date: Sept. 29, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GOHMERT. So, Mr. Speaker, we are hearing that we have got to give DOJ and FTC all this authority to supervise and make sure that Big Tech is properly investigated. But our committee has oversight over the Department of Justice, and we have not done oversight as a committee to stop what has been going on.

I understand Heritage Foundation and some of these others, they haven't seen the whistleblower complaints that Jim Jordan and I have been seeing. I have gotten double-digits now myself that were not counted in the 14 that the committee got.

It sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah up there. We have gotten complaints this week about sexual harassment and about sexual improprieties on the top floor, the seventh floor--where the headquarters of the FBI is--and all the favors and all the intimidation that goes along with sexual improprieties.

Then you want the DOJ--the people who told the Big Tech that story about Hunter's laptop, that is Russian disinformation, which they are good at saying because they passed that on about Russian collusion, and any time that President Trump or people in his administration said anything, here came the DOJ whispering in people's ears: That is Russian disinformation.

These are the last people whom we need to trust with reining in the Big Tech because we have seen the techniques. I have got to give them credit. Although there is apparently a tremendous amount of corruption at the FBI and the DOJ that has not been reined in, I have to give them credit. When it comes to intimidation and manipulation, they are right there--and I don't say this lightly--they are right there with the gestapo.

I have had FBI agents talk to me about, remember when we used to call the attorney of people whom we knew were not violent?

Even though they committed very serious felonies, we would tell them when to report, and they reported.

We didn't use the gestapo tactics of going in in the dark, beating down doors, and dragging them out in their underwear to parade in front of cameras that they inappropriately leaked information.

Mr. Speaker, this is a different DOJ. They don't need more money. They need less, until they are made to and until they are helped to eliminate their corruption and they start cleaning up their own act which Christopher Wray and, unfortunately, Merrick Garland have not done.