Issues of the Day

Floor Speech

Date: Sept. 29, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PERRY. Mr. Speaker, I thank the good gentleman from Texas (Mr. Roy).

He is spot on. It is tyranny.

We use euphemisms around this town. We call it loan forgiveness. You took out the loan, and we are going to forgive you paying it back using someone else's money. That is not loan forgiveness. That is socialism.

Socialism is tyranny. Taking it, like you said, from some hardworking individual--maybe they wanted to go to college and didn't have the opportunity. Maybe they didn't have the opportunity because they didn't have the money, maybe because of their family situation. It doesn't matter. Maybe they chose not to go to college. They chose not to buy something they didn't want to pay for.

Now, the President says we are going to use the Heroes Act. This is a fascinating example. I told my colleagues around here who want to keep on helping, we have to establish comity here--comity, not comedy. It is a comedy, unfortunately. But we have to work together.

What will it take for them to understand that every step in good faith that we take is abused by the folks who hate this country and hate us? I hate to use that terminology, but that is where it is.

They use the Heroes Act, enacted after 9/11, for those who were sent, who went to fight, who had to give up some of their time to pay for their student loans, pay for their education, use that to forgive these loans for other people who made the decision but apparently didn't intend to pay. That is the definition of tyranny.

The good gentleman from Texas (Mr. Roy), my friend, mentioned the arrest in Bucks County. I just remind everybody that, today, this place voted on sending hundreds of millions of dollars to the Department of Justice, like they don't have enough, right?

The Department of Justice raided this pastor's house--not just a father of seven but a pastor--at 7 o'clock in the morning, beating on the door. When you don't answer fast enough because maybe you are upstairs in bed and it takes you awhile to figure out what is going on and get your clothes on and get down the stairs because you don't want to be standing out on the front lawn in your skivvies in front of the neighborhood--that is what the FBI does. If you don't get there fast enough, they are going to break down your door.

These agents all rush in, arms drawn, pointed at this poor individual. Kids are up on the stairs crying. I don't know how many. Mr. Roy says 25, 24, something. Maybe it was that.

Whatever it was, here is what I know it wasn't. It wasn't a phone call to the magistrate. Understand that the court, the State court, already threw this thing out. This gentleman, this individual, was exercising his First Amendment rights. Somebody made a claim. The State court and the police said there is nothing here. The Federal Government said: Look, you people are all domestic terrorists who disagree. You disagree with us, so now you are domestic terrorists.

Instead of calling the guy up and saying: Look, the Federal Government wants to arrest you for this. You have never had a record. You are nonviolent. You are going to have to show up at the magistrate's office to be arrested, or we can do it the other way. Which way would you like?

Offer the opportunity. The guy is not a convicted drug felon, not a murderer. He has nothing violent in his record. But they break into the house as a show of force, as a show to make sure everybody else in the country knows if you have a differing opinion, don't you dare say it. Don't you dare.

That is the definition of tyranny. That is exactly the definition of tyranny. What else can it be?


Mr. PERRY. Mr. Speaker, I can't tell my colleague that it is not tyranny. It certainly is.

This is the same OSHA that at some point required reporting of adverse reactions to the so-called vaccine, the jab. In the dark of night, in the middle of the week, when no one was paying attention, that requirement went away. They still tried to make private employers force their employees to take this jab, but they didn't want to know.

They have to report everything else, right? They have to report every single slip and fall, every industrial accident. We want people to be safe. But we never gave them a license to tell us what to do with our own bodies and make those decisions.

For goodness' sake, if they had the temerity to force us to do it, the least they can do is keep records on the adverse effects.

Mr. Speaker, they didn't want to know, did they? They didn't want to know. They don't want you to know their tyranny.

They are not for medical freedom. They are not for education freedom. They are not for economic freedom. They are not for any of our freedoms. That is where we are today.

That is why Chip, the good gentleman from Texas, and I are here this evening, to talk about the tyranny that this place, this room, the body that we serve in, the body that we fought to serve in, the institution that we revered growing up, we are so upset with because this institution, this body, is aiding and abetting this tyranny.

This is the body that is supposed to be ending the tyranny, that is supposed to be fighting the tyranny. Yet, here we are.