Letter to Jessica Rosenworcel, Chair of the Federal Communications Commission - Bennet, Hickenlooper, Colleagues Push the FCC to Increase Broadband Speed and Access


Dear Chairwoman Rosenworcel:

We appreciate the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) examination of the ACAM Broadband Coalition's proposal to modify and update the Alternative Connect America Cost Model (ACAM) high-cost Universal Service Fund (USF) support program, and the FCC's proposal to make permanent changes to the Connect America Fund Broadband Loop Support (CAF-BLS) high-cost program.

Recognizing the importance of reliable broadband services, comments in response to the FCC's rulemaking notice demonstrate strong support to facilitate access to modern upload and download speeds and to ensure both the sustainability of networks once built and the affordability of services atop them. For that reason, we respectfully urge the FCC to move forward to update the ACAM and CAF-BLS programs as soon as possible.

Since their creation, high-cost USF programs like ACAM and CAF-BLS have delivered affordable broadband service to millions of rural Americans. However, there is more to do to reach consumers in the areas these programs target as the speeds in these programs are in need of an update, with maximum required download speeds that limit household access to technologies like telework, telehealth, and distance learning. Without agency action, the FCC risks leaving Americans in rural areas behind.

We respectfully urge the FCC to take action to enhance these programs as soon as possible. Doing so will position the FCC to better respond to the needs of our constituents living and working in rural high-cost areas. We appreciate your work to bring fast, reliable, and affordable broadband to every American. Thank you for your consideration of this request.