Guest Introduces Legislation to Permanently Authorize CBP to Operate in Foreign Countries

Press Release

Date: Oct. 13, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03), joined by House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member and fellow Committee on Homeland Security Member Michael McCaul (TX-10), introducedH.R. 9167, theCombatting International Drug Trafficking and Human Smuggling Partnership Act of 2022, which would grant Customs and Border Protection (CBP) permanent authority to operate in foreign countries in order to advance its mission to protect Americans from international criminal activity.

"CBP is responding to increased levels of criminal activity as the current border crisis continues. In its mission to safeguard our homeland, CBP often works with foreign countries to fight drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other threats from international criminals and terrorist organizations. I'm proud to introduce this legislation to authorize these continued efforts to protect American citizens," Guest said.

"Our southern border is broken, and we must take every step necessary to regain operational control. This legislation will ensure that the CBP will have the resources available to them to conduct joint operatives outside of the U.S. in concert with international partners to help put an end to the deadly flow of drugs, such as fentanyl, terrorists, and human trafficking and smuggling. This will strengthen international partnerships, not only on security matters, but also for assistance in disaster recovery as well as humanitarian aid," McCaul said.

The legislation grants statutory authorization for CBP to work with foreign countries and conduct joint operations with other nations' law enforcement partners to support humanitarian and law enforcement efforts, fight drug and human trafficking, and combat terrorist and other security and economic threats. Annual appropriations have made clear that CBP can work with other countries and provide these services. This legislation would grant permanent authorization for these activities.