Congressmen Issa, Hudson Sound Alarm on Biden Administration's Clear Failure to Avert Severe Shortfall of Emergency Smallpox Vaccine


Date: Oct. 24, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) and Congressman Richard Hudson (NC-08) today sent a letter to HHS Secretary Becerra detailing serious concerns with the Biden Administration's poor handling of the Strategic National Stockpile's dwindling supply of smallpox vaccines and demanding clear answers to address this failure to prepare for a severe potential crisis.

"Every presidential administration owes the American people its absolute best when it comes to protecting the homeland and adequately preparing for the crises we know can occur. By any objective measure, this is a test the Biden Administration has failed," said Rep. Issa. "By not making it a priority to wisely manage our emergency supply of critical smallpox vaccines, the Biden Administration has ignored the obvious lessons of the last pandemic, failed a core responsibility of governance, and put the nation at risk. That's why Rep. Hudson and I are demanding the facts and insisting on solutions. We certainly haven't gotten either one so far."

"While the Biden administration has decided to devote considerable attention to the emerging, yet rare, monkeypox outbreak, I am deeply concerned about recent reports regarding the impact of these efforts on our nation's supply of smallpox vaccines," said Rep. Hudson. "As a leader on strengthening our strategic national stockpile and preparing our nation for future pandemics and biological threats, I am proud to join with Rep. Issa in holding the Biden administration accountable to ensure all Americans are protected from smallpox and other potential health security threats. Particularly with recent nuclear and biological threats coming from abroad, the Administration must provide answers and a plan to be prepared."