Schweikert Issues Statement on Historic Inflation Highs

Press Release

Date: Oct. 13, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Schweikert issued the following statement after today's updated inflation and CPI numbers. Inflation in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area remains the highest in the country, and core inflation hit a 40-year high. In Arizona, it's estimated that households lose $869 a month to cover inflated prices.

"President Biden and the Democrats have already spent $4.8 trillion, and they've shown no sign of slowing down. I've introduced legislation that would actually reduce inflation, like my Retirement Protection Act, but Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat majority refuse to consider it.

"If we are going to lower costs for families in Arizona, it starts with this White House finally admitting there is a problem and confessing what we all already know: that their careless and wasteful spending is the root cause of the historic inflation that is putting our community in misery."