Rep. Neguse Joins Governor Polis, Senators Bennet & Hickenlooper in Formal Groundbreaking of I-70 Floyd Hill Project


Today, Congressman Joe Neguse celebrated the formal groundbreaking of the Floyd Hill I-70 expansion project, funded by a $100,000,000 grant for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) awarded through the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. In February, Representative Neguse, Governor Polis, and Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper welcomed U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for a tour of Floyd Hill and I-70, and an opportunity to discuss how these investments will benefit the people of Colorado.

"As we are all well aware, Floyd Hill is a gateway to Colorado's robust outdoor recreation and mountain tourism industries--and that unique role brings unique challenges. Thanks to investments made by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we will see a dramatic decrease in not only travel times but in transportation-related costs. And as we break ground today we are taking one huge step toward a safer, more efficient Colorado," said Congressman Joe Neguse.

The Floyd Hill project will expand Interstate 70 (I-70), adding a third westbound travel lane. It will also repair roads in the area, rebuild interchanges and frontage roads, add a fourth westbound lane for slow-moving vehicles, and add wildlife crossings. As a gateway to Colorado's mountain communities, this roadway is faced with the unique challenges of a heavy tourism corridor.

"I am thrilled to announce the start of the I-70 Floyd Hill project which will add a lane Westbound from the top of Floyd Hill to the mountain express lane and a climbing lane Eastbound from the bottom of Floyd Hill to the Homestead exit. These improvements will improve safety, reduce traffic and make it easier and faster for people to access the outdoors and mountain communities. When we passed the bipartisan ten-year infrastructure plan, this project was a key aspect and will deliver real results for those traveling on I-70. This transformative project has received incredible state and federal support and I thank all those that helped get us here today," said Governor Jared Polis.

"Floyd Hill is an incredible pain point for Coloradans traveling through the mountains, and for Americans traveling West. Thanks to $100 million in new funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we're finally addressing the congestion that has plagued this vital corridor. This is what it looks like to rebuild our country after years of investing everywhere except America," said Senator Michael Bennet.

"The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is again delivering for Colorado. The Floyd Hill project will upgrade an essential tract of I-70, boosting our mountain economies and easing congestion so Coloradans can access the great outdoors," said Senator John Hickenlooper.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocated $787,883,181 to help the state of Colorado strengthen its roads, bridges, and tunnels. Decades of underinvestment have left Colorado's roads, bridges, and tunnels in poor condition, causing longer commute times, higher car maintenance costs, and more pollution in neighborhoods. Funds will go toward critical investments in surface transportation infrastructure, the creation of good-paying jobs, and the safety and efficiency of our roadways.


Congressman Neguse played a key role in the swift passage and enactment of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, a historic piece of legislation that invests in the economy, rebuilds crumbling roads and bridges, and ensures American communities can compete in the 21st Century. Thanks to the advocacy and leadership of Congressman Neguse, the bill also includes several other wildfire response initiatives including funds for wildfire prevention, a pay raise for federal wildland firefighters, and investments in collaborative forest programs, such as the Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership.

The state of Colorado is set to receive the following in federal funding from the historic law:

$3.7 billion for highway projects, $716 million in FY 2022;

$225 million for bridge replacement and repairs, $45 million in FY 2022;

$917 million to improve public transportation, $54 million in FY 2022;

$688 million for water infrastructure,

$432 million for airports,

$35 million for wildfire recovery, including $ 20 billion for the Colorado State University Forest Restoration Research;

$57 million to support the expansion of an electric vehicle charging network throughout the state, $8 million in FY 2022; and

A minimum of $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across the state.