DeLauro Statement on Food and Drug Administration Decision to Extend Enforcement Discretion of Foreign Infant Formula Products


Date: Sept. 30, 2022

Chair of the House Appropriations Committee Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) today released a statement in response to an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration decision to extend enforcement discretion until January 6 and create a pathway for foreign manufacturers to continue marketing in the U.S. permanently.

"Let me be clear, I understand the need to boost our supply of infant formula very well. For months, Americans across the nation have sent me photos of the shelves at their local grocery stores, and the images show that the shortage persists in many areas in the country.

"I am fighting to get safe infant formula back on the shelves -- period. However, I am focused on supporting domestic small businesses and U.S. manufacturers to boost the domestic supply and development of safe infant formula -- building a resilient market here in the United States and not relying on foreign manufacturers who have not been cleared through the extensive and critical pre-market approval safety process. That is why I will soon introduce legislation to increase competition in the U.S. infant formula market and give domestic infant formula manufacturers and small businesses the tools they need to boost supply and compete with giant corporations.

"I encourage the Food and Drug Administration to join with me in doing its part to support U.S. manufacturers of infant formula."