Recognizing Jesse Porras

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 29, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PFLUGER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize a servant leader in our community, Odessa native, Mr. Jesse Porras, a Marine veteran.

Mr. Porras has been cooking and serving a Thanksgiving meal to hundreds of Odessans in need every year since 2013 when he first felt called to provide a warm and comforting meal to anyone in need or struggling with homelessness in our community. Since then, it has grown into a community feast, with local businesses and others partnering with Jesse. Over the past 9 years, Mr. Porras' Thanksgiving meal has fed thousands and lifted the spirits of the entire community.

Jesse Porras is an inspiration to all of us. Not only was he willing to put his life on the line through his service to our country as a marine, but he continues that service through his generosity and philanthropic spirit today. This is something that we can all emulate, especially as we are approaching the holiday season.

I thank Mr. Porras personally for giving so much of his time, talent, and goodwill to share the blessings of Thanksgiving, which, in my opinion, should be celebrated every day. But on that particular day, he does a great job in Odessa. It is with heartfelt thanks that Texas' 11th Congressional District thanks him.