Bergman Urges Biden Administration to Put American Energy First

Press Release

Date: Oct. 27, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

This week, Rep. Jack Bergman joined his fellow Michigan Republican members in sending a letter to Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, imploring the Biden Administration to prioritize American energy. With gas prices continuing to rise and domestic energy production stalled by the Administration, Rep. Bergman and his colleagues stressed the need to ramp up our oil production and reduce dependence on foreign nations.

The letter also detailed the dire economic strain that Michiganders are feeling in response to the recent announcement that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will cut its oil production by two million barrels per day beginning in November. Gas prices are continuing to rise in anticipation of these cuts and without Secretary Granholm's immediate action, the pain at the pump will worsen and our Nation's energy independence will be further crippled.

Rep. Bergman also chastised the Biden Administration for kowtowing to OPEC and scaling back sanctions on Venezuela before ever considering unleashing our American energy potential. Bergman and his Republican colleagues also noted that the United States is currently sitting on 264 billion barrels of untapped oil, yet this Administration has leased fewer acres for oil-and-gas drilling offshore and on federal land than any other administration dating back to World War II.

In his call to action, Congressman Bergman demanded that the Energy Secretary detail her plan to increase domestic oil and gas production and to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) that the Administration has depleted to its lowest level since 1984. Putting American energy first again remains of the utmost importance to Rep. Bergman, as it should to the Biden Administration as well.