Pelosi Statement on November Jobs Report

Press Release

Date: Dec. 2, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement on the November jobs report, which showed that the U.S. created 263,000 jobs last month:

"Under the leadership of President Biden and Democratic Majorities in the Congress, our nation has seen the strongest jobs growth on record: with more than 10.5 million more Americans finding new, good-paying jobs, including 750,000 new jobs in manufacturing. The November jobs report is the latest evidence that our strong, steady, expectation-shattering recovery continues, with the unemployment rate near an historic low and important growth in wages.

"During the 117th Congress, Democrats have enacted a robust, job-creating economic agenda that has propelled our nation from the depths of the pandemic. Our American Rescue Plan got millions of Americans swiftly, safely back to work -- with vaccines in arms and necessary relief for small businesses. We built on this progress with our Infrastructure Law, putting Americans to work in union-protected, Davis-Bacon jobs rebuilding our roads, bridges, public transit and more. At the same time, Democrats are forging the future: paving new pathways to high-paying careers in STEM fields, research and development, and semiconductor manufacturing with the CHIPS and Science Law. And our Inflation Reduction Act is projected to create nine million new jobs in clean energy industries as part of our landmark effort to combat the climate crisis, while bringing down the cost of prescription drugs, health care and energy bills for our families.

"Democrats can take great pride in the many victories we have achieved for America's working families over the last two years. As we prepare for the 118th Congress, our House Democratic Caucus remains determined to defend and expand this vital progress: putting People Over Politics to build a future where every family can thrive."