Tlaib Statement on Legislation to Impose National Rail Contract


Date: Nov. 30, 2022
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Labor Unions

Today, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) released the following statement on legislation to impose a national rail contract:

"Every worker in America deserves paid sick leave. Rail workers are essential employees and worked hard through a global pandemic without a single paid sick day--this is unconscionable. I refuse to impose a contract that was voted down by four of the largest rail unions in the country, which together represent approximately 55 percent of the unionized rail labor force. That is why I joined several of my colleagues in offering an amendment that would ensure rail workers received the paid sick days that they deserve and are demanding. I was proud to join the workers in this fight and vote for the inclusion of paid sick leave in their contract today.

"The rail industry made a record-breaking $20 billion in profit last year. There's no question that they can afford to guarantee their workers paid sick leave. These companies must agree to put the health and well-being of their employees before their own greed. Rail workers deserve the dignity of decent working conditions, paid sick days, and a routine schedule that allows them to spend time with their family. If the rail industry wants to avert a national rail strike, then they should provide their employees with guaranteed paid sick leave. As for the Democratic party, if we are going to be the party of the working class, we need to stand with workers every time."