Trahan Statement on Vote to Secure Sick Days for Rail Workers, Avert Strike


Date: Nov. 30, 2022
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Labor Unions

Today, Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03) issued the following statement after voting to secure seven days of paid sick leave for rail workers and prevent a strike that would cause a nationwide economic recession:

"Railroad barons have built their multi-billion-dollar fortunes on the backs of overworked, underpaid workers for nearly 150 years. Every time rail workers have asked for better pay, stronger benefits, or safer work conditions, these massive corporations have fought them tooth and nail. The situation they face today is no different -- companies agreeing to long overdue raises and better health care while depriving workers of the paid sick leave they need in case of a health emergency."

"Today, I voted to back our railwaymen and women by including the paid sick leave that railroad workers have requested for years and that corporations have refused to consider. As the daughter of a union ironworker, I know firsthand how critical sick leave is for working families living an emergency room visit away from financial ruin. And I commend the workers who have remained consistent in their demand for a contract that meets their needs."

"Anyone who grew up in a labor family knows a strike is the absolute last resort. I steadfastly support the right of workers to exercise this right when all attempts to reach a fair agreement fail. And I'm proud to stand with the rail workers today in voting for an updated agreement that guarantees them the paid sick leave they deserve as some of our nation's most essential employees. I hope there are enough members of the United States Senate who have the courage to do the same."