Recognizing Bill Wild

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 13, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. TLAIB. Madam Speaker, today I want to acknowledge the legacy and dedication of William ``Bill'' Wild for his more than 20 years of public service to our communities.

Mayor Wild is Westland's longest-serving mayor. A Westland native and graduate of John Glenn High School, Mayor Wild took pride in giving back to the community that raised him. He was especially proud of his accomplishments in helping improve infrastructure, including an overhaul of Westland's municipal center, building a vibrant shopping district, and bringing a citywide recycling program to Westland.

Mayor Wild's commitment and many years of services has been exceptional and outstanding. The 13th District, Wayne County and the Westland community extend their gratitude to Mayor Bill Wild for his many contributions to the growth and prosperity of Westland. It has been an honor to be one of his many partners serving Westland neighborhoods.

Please join me as we recognize Mayor Bill Wild's many contributions to the families of the Westland and 13th Congressional District as we wish him well.