Providing Research and Estimates of Changes in Precipitation Act

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 14, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CLINE. Mr. Speaker, enough is enough. Here in the waning days of one-party control, Democrats are grasping at straws to push more of their radical policy agenda on the American people. They are hoping the lameduck House will help jam through a monstrous $1.7 trillion omnibus down our throats before Christmas so incoming House Republicans can't use the budget next year to impose fiscal responsibility and check Biden's disastrous agenda.

Even though voters demanded change in November, House Republicans have had no seat at the negotiating table. This one-week CR will continue funding for President Biden's policies that have created crisis after crisis.

Under his watch, the Nation is experiencing a historically bad crisis at the southern border, a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that cost American lives and created tens of thousands of refugees, his quest to provide abortion on demand, his illegal and regressive cancellation of student loan debt, his anti-energy agenda, and an inflation crisis that makes Americans poorer.

The American people cannot afford another Democrat-led spending measure that would exacerbate inflation and continue to fund the very agencies waging war on their freedoms.

Every Republican must reject this lameduck spending spree and let the incoming Members of the new Republican majority, who will be accountable to the voters, work to reach a more balanced agreement than this liberal spending spree.

We must use every opportunity at our disposal, especially through the constitutional power of the purse, to fight for the American people and change the broken status quo in Washington. Republicans must stand strong and oppose this last-ditch power play by Democrats.