In Support of Law Enforcement Officers

Floor Speech

Date: Jan. 9, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HIGGINS of Louisiana. Mr. Speaker, the men and women from sea to shining sea that wear a badge have sworn an oath to the Constitution. That oath is not to a sheriff or a marshal or a chief, it is to the people of their community and deeper, the principles that have built our country.

We put on our badges and uniforms, and we say good-bye to our wives not knowing if we will return.

For many, many years on my way to night shift I would tell my wife I loved her, and she would hand me my little lunch. She would say: ``Come home safe.'' I would say: ``Don't worry about me, worry about the other guy.'' That was our little ritual, but the truth was we never knew if I was coming home.

Right now men and women across the country are having similar conversations and wearing a badge. Just know we love you and respect you. This body supports you.