Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Floor Speech

Date: Jan. 11, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. DeLAURO. Madam Speaker, I rise in strong opposition to the latest attempt by House Republicans to control women's reproductive freedom, a ruse to ban safe and legal abortions in this country. This legislation purports to address something that does not happen.

The hypotheticals some of my colleagues described are not based in fact. Their arguments are untrue and do not represent how medicine actually works. Their suggestions are not only false, but they are callous.

The truth is abortions that occur after 3 months of pregnancy account for only 1 percent of all abortions, and they occur almost exclusively because a woman's life is at risk or her pregnancy is not viable. We should not be in the business of enacting laws that make these difficult and painful situations worse.

What is not hypothetical is the real pain and suffering that politicians across this country are imposing as they continue to chip away at what should be an essential right.

A woman must have the right to make health decisions that are in the best of interest of themselves, their family, and their circumstances.

Madam Speaker, I urge my colleagues to oppose this sham piece of legislation.