Expressing the Sense of Congress Condemning the Recent Attacks on Pro- Life Facilities, Groups, and Churches

Floor Speech

Date: Jan. 11, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. JOHNSON of Louisiana. Madam Speaker, I rise today to speak in favor of my commonsense legislation, H. Con. Res. 3. I am really proud that this bill has been included among our very first bills that will pass in this Congress.

For Chairman Nadler, or Ranking Member Nadler now, I am happy to say, to stand here and suggest that this does not fulfill the will of the American people or is somehow not the right thing to do is absurd.

This resolution is very simple, and its language is clear. It condemns the attacks that have been committed against pro-life facilities, groups, and churches in the wake of the leak of the Dobbs opinion and the subsequent decision. It also calls upon the Biden administration to take action now to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Who could be opposed to that?

In recent years, there has been an alarming trend of more and more attacks on pro-life organizations and individuals. In the wake of the Dobbs decision, the problem became much worse. We have seen a significant increase in targeted violence against places and people who provide care for pregnant women and their unborn children.

Here are just a few of the more than 100 incidents that have taken place just in the last several months:

May 5, last year, a Catholic church and school in Armada, Michigan, was vandalized with satanic symbols and messages calling for the death of Republicans.

May 8, the Oregon Right to Life office was firebombed.

May 26, seven high school students in New Jersey were suspended after physically assaulting another student holding a pro-life sign.

June 26, a pro-abortion extremist was charged with attempted murder in Los Angeles.

July 7, Sacramento, a pregnancy care center was threatened by a man with a machete.

September 24, in Lake Odessa, Michigan, an elderly pro-life volunteer was shot while canvassing door to door to discuss an abortion ballot proposal.

January of this year, just several days ago, a pro-life billboard was defaced with the words ``kill them kids'' in Portland, Oregon.

This last one that I wanted to mention is personal to me. On July 11, pro-abortion activists vandalized the Women's New Life Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They spray-painted anti-life messages on the walls. Being located right next to the abortion provider in Baton Rouge at the time, the largest in our State, this clinic has offered hope to countless pregnant women by counseling them on all of their options and not pushing them to abort their unborn children, as the clinics do.

I am proud to call many of the leaders of that clinic in Baton Rouge personal friends. We have to stand for them and stand against violence, vandalism, personal threats, and intimidation.

Nationwide, there are over 2,700 pregnancy care centers providing essential services in all 50 States. They serve millions of women every year. They have over 10,000 medical professionals supporting them. They do not deserve the treatment they have endured, and they certainly deserve that this Congress condemn the violence committed against them.

Since there has been so little accountability for the leaked draft Dobbs opinion and the ensuing violence and intimidation against pro- lifers that have followed, we are making the position of Congress clear today. We condemn violence, property damage, threats, and intimidation tactics, and these clear violations of Federal and State laws must be prosecuted.

We have the opportunity before us today to start to push back against the mob that has targeted the groups and individuals that care for women and their unborn children. Republicans are ready to act. I am so proud that over 100--I think nearly 130--Republicans so far have cosponsored this.

It will pass, and it should, and it will be a shame if our Democratic colleagues do not join us in this condemnation of violence. The question is, will they?

Madam Speaker, I urge my colleagues to vote ``yes'' on the resolution.