Biden Border Crisis Continued

Floor Speech

Date: Jan. 26, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CLINE. Madam Speaker, another month and another record, as the crisis at our southern border has gotten worse.

Under President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas' watch, the Federal Government has completely ceded control of our border to Mexican drug cartels. Yet, time and time again, Secretary Mayorkas has repeatedly claimed that the border is secure. Well, the facts tell a different story.

Late last Friday, CBP reported that December 2022 had the highest number of illegal crossings at our southern border ever recorded--over 251,000 illegal migrant encounters in just 1 month.

In fiscal year 2022, we saw a record-breaking 98 people on the terrorist watch list attempt to cross the border. Since October, we are already on track to break that number, with 38 people caught trying to illegally come into the interior of our country.

How many more suspected terrorists have to cross over the border for this administration to take the crisis seriously?

CBP seized over 9,000 pounds of deadly fentanyl that the cartels attempted to smuggle across our border. That is enough to kill over 2 billion innocent lives.

Madam Speaker, it is far past time that we hold the Biden administration accountable for its complete dereliction of duty to secure our borders. That is why I am glad that, next week, Chairman Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee will be holding the first of many hearings on this crisis.

Secretary Mayorkas has completely abused his authority and ignored the United States' immigration laws. Questions are coming. I hope the Secretary clears his calendar because we have a lot, and I look forward to getting answers to those questions. Congratulating Riverheads High School Football Team


Mr. CLINE. Madam Speaker, I rise to recognize Augusta County's own Riverheads High School football team for winning the Virginia Class 1 State football championship this year. This was the Gladiators' 10th State title in the program's history.

A 21-7 halftime lead helped propel the team to a resounding 49-27 victory over George Wythe High School. Riverheads has now won a notable seven consecutive State titles, and junior running back Cayden Cook- Cash, who led the team with 282 rushing yards, said: ``People had doubted us. . . . I think we proved them wrong.'' Cayden and his teammates sure did that.

The Riverheads running game had been strong all season, which allowed the Gladiators to catch the George Wythe Maroons off guard with an impressive seven touchdowns, culminating in an all-around unstoppable offense.

When asked how it felt to take home the title once more, Head Coach Ray Norcross said: ``Our kids played hard and played well, and we did enough to win.''

Indeed, every State championship is earned, not given, and this squad certainly earned it, finishing out the season with a 12-1 record.

Congratulations to all the Riverheads players, coaches, staff, and fans on this incredible accomplishment.