Recognizing Annie Palmer of Indianola

Floor Speech

Date: Feb. 6, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Annie Palmer of Indianola who received the Grow Your Future Award from the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.

Each year, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation offers the Grow Your Future Award to young Iowans who work in agriculture to help grow their businesses. Last year, Annie submitted her business, H8R Acres, which raises Berkshire hogs and Navajo-Churro sheep for their meat and wool.

After several rounds of voting, Annie was selected as a finalist which involved a pitch-off to determine which award she would receive. At the end of the conference, Annie went home with $2,500, which she plans to put toward building a new shed for lambing or farrowing.

I also thank the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation for hosting this annual competition to financially support the next generation of Iowa farmers. This competition has been a great way to encourage young farmers to get into the agricultural business and grow the farming community in Iowa.

Congratulations to Annie and the rest of the winners of this year's Grow Your Future Award. I look forward to seeing their businesses produce.