Recognizing Bob and Terry Witmer

Floor Speech

Date: Feb. 6, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BURGESS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Bob and Terry Witmer for receiving the honor of the Dr. Bettye Myers Humanitarian Award. Terry has spent her life in North Texas. She grew up in Denton and has a nursing career that expands 20 years. In 2014, Terry oversaw the housing component of the Denton County Behavioral Health Leadership Team. Two years later, Terry became the charter appointee for the Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team. She has been a long-time advocate for the homeless community in North Texas and has made a profound impact on improving the livelihoods of those citizens that have been affected. Both she and her husband, Bob, have been active members of the Denton Community for decades and they helped form vital nonprofits in Denton County such as The Daily Bread, which serves food to individuals in need. They have served on numerous boards of nonprofits. Bob is a board-certified tax attorney and currently serves as a professor at the University of North Texas. In 2016, he started the North Texas Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. This clinic allowed local graduate students to assist lower-income members of the community with specialized and qualified tax assistance. This provided a wonderful opportunity to members of the community and helped graduate students gain experience before applying to bigger employers. Bob has not only been a valuable part of educating the younger generation in North Texas, but he has been involved in Veterans Affairs. Terry referred Veteran clients to Bob's clinic from the Veteran Community Navigator pilot program. When Bob learned from Terry that clients of the VCN program were working in crowded, unsuitable offices, he contacted Veterans Affairs and mobilized a community effort with donations and volunteers to renovate the office into what is now known as the Denton County Veteran Center. This center provides critical and quality care to all Veterans who are in need. These actions are remarkable, yet Bob did not stop there. He went on to mobilize the community to help the United Way of Denton County create the Veterans Mental Health Annex, which expands access to mental health services for veterans. These incredible actions have not gone unnoticed. In November of 2022, they were recognized by the Board Members of the United Way of Denton for their efforts and impact on helping those affected by homelessness and mental health in their community, especially veterans. The Witmer's have invested their time and talent into serving their community. I am honored to recognize Bob and Terry's achievements today and I am humbled to share a home in North Texas with this couple of such high character. Bob and Terry's family, their community, their state, and their nation are made better by their selfless contributions and dedication to others. I thank Bob and Terry Witmer, for their excellent work, and also thank the United Way of Denton County Board of Directors for recognizing them for the Dr. Bettye Myers Humanitarian Award of 2023.