Chair Rodgers Opening Remarks at Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee Markup


Date: Feb. 7, 2023
Location: Washington, DC

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy Rodgers (R-WA) delivered opening remarks at today's Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee markup of five pieces of legislation.

Excerpts and highlights below:


"The bills we're considering today encompass this subcommittee's mission--promoting and protecting American leadership and beating China.

"It's no secret the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to replace the U.S. as a global economic and technological power.

"The surveillance balloon looming above our heads last week was a clear reminder that Chinese Communist Party does not seek to build trust with us.

"This is a regime that suppresses free speech, surveils its own citizens to control them, and commits countless human rights abuses.

"We must ensure the technologies of tomorrow are developed in an ecosystem that promotes America's values and protects American data from CCP's malicious behaviors."


"This committee plays a vital role in advancing American competitiveness and global technological leadership.

"Together we can lead on this subcommittee to ensure that America--not China--is determining our economic future.

"I appreciate Mr. Pence for picking up the torch on the Foreign Direct Investment legislation I sponsored in the 116th Congress.

"If this country is going to lead, we need it to be the best place for businesses to set up shop.

"That means removing obstacles, whether they're regulations, taxes, workforce, or all the above.

"FDI is crucial for the United States. It creates more jobs here, strengthens our supply chains, and improves our international stature.

"There's a reason that companies can't succeed here in America.

"Throwing money into government programs without identifying the root cause of failure is no path to economic prosperity.

"I appreciate that Mr. Pence has clarified the legislation and ensured China won't to be the source of that FDI."


"Several of our bills today would strengthen data protections, an issue that united us last year because it's a top priority for the American people.

"I want to say up front that the bills from Reps. Duncan, Cammack, and Fulcher in no way serve as a substitute for our next steps to enact a comprehensive privacy and data security protections.

"These bills are complementary to the strong protections against China that were included in ADPPA.

"Mr. Duncan has rightly identified that, no matter how much we do to secure our networks, out data still travels around the world.

"The American people deserve to know when that occurs, especially given the control countries like China have over companies in their country--and the data they collect.

"Legislation from Ms. Cammack with Mr. Soto proposes a straightforward step to address TikTok.

"Their proposal would require a warning for users before downloading the app which will make it clear to everyone that the Federal government has already deemed it not fit for government mobile devices.

"Mr. Fulcher with Mr. Pappas have a bill that will shine a light on other apps, aside from TikTok, that originate in China."


"This is just the start of solutions we consider on this subcommittee in the next two years that address both domestic and foreign companies with ties to adversaries like China.

"Republicans spent considerable time at the beginning of the last Congress to develop legislation that protects and promote our supply chains.

"Unfortunately, the former Speaker's office intervened, and it devolved into the partisan language that couldn't even survive USICA.

"Securing American technological and economic leadership is a bipartisan goal.

"As we move these bills through regular order, I look forward to collaborating with members on both sides to protect Americans' data, secure our supply chains, and ensure American innovation and entrepreneurship is leading to anchor the technologies of tomorrow here in the U.S."