Protecting Speech From Government Interference Act

Floor Speech

Date: March 8, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ROSE. Mr. Chairman, free speech is the cornerstone of a free and thriving society.

Unfortunately, recent revelations made in the Twitter files show that free speech under the First Amendment is under attack--even by those within our own Federal Government.

Our Founding Fathers fought hard to enshrine the right to free speech in our Constitution. As social media companies and Big Tech corporations collude with rogue Federal officials to censor and deplatform members of our free society--including Members of Congress and other conservative voices--we must continue to do everything we can to fight to protect the First Amendment for everyone.

The Protecting Speech for Government Interference Act does exactly that. It is a victory against the modern-day attacks on our freedom, and it is a victory for all freedom-loving citizens of the United States who embrace and accept the right to free speech.

I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of the bill.

Mr. GOLDMAN of New York. Mr. Chairman, I will point out one additional factor here that I think is very important for everyone to consider. When asked what evidence there is that the FBI colluded or directed Twitter to take down any speech, the chairman offered two emails from one specific FBI agent, which suggested that a couple of Twitter handles or tweets had given misleading information very specifically about the time, place, or manner of voting in the upcoming elections.

If my Republican colleagues believe that people should be able to lie on Twitter and provide disinformation about when, where, and how to vote, then they should absolutely support this bill. If that is all that you have, and that is all that you have cited, this bill is a complete waste of time and is totally unnecessary.

Lois Frankel).

Ms. LOIS FRANKEL of Florida. Mr. Chairman, my, my, my. If you want to talk about protecting speech from government interference, let's talk about my home State of Florida because nowhere in this country is free speech more endangered than in the Sunshine State.

Florida: Where Republicans are erasing Black history and gender studies from our schools; where Republicans are threatening teachers and librarians with jail time--jail time--if they put books on their shelves that celebrate the likes of Rosa Parks or Roberto Clemente; Florida, where Republicans have made it illegal--illegal--for businesses to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion or respect; Florida, where progressive thinkers are being fired from colleges, and rightwing donors are being appointed to their boards.

It is Florida where Republicans actually punished Disney World because Disney World opposed the State's homophobic legislation. It is the great State of Florida where free speech is only free if you agree with our governor.

If you want to talk about protecting free speech from government interference, let's talk about Florida.