Trends in Higher Education

Floor Speech

Date: March 24, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GROTHMAN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to call attention to a disturbing trend that is going on in our colleges and universities.

We all know--or at least anybody on this side of the aisle--from talking to college students, they feel there are certain things they just can't say. It is going to cost them a grade. When you are dealing with young professors, it is going to cost them tenure, and that is the intolerance for conservative ideas or religious ideas in America's universities.

Lately, we have had universities say they are not going to deal with standardized tests anymore, the SAT, that sort of thing. It is another way--and people have to remember this. It is fun not to take a test, but it is another way to go after people who are at all conservative.

Right now, you can be as religious as you want, you can be as Republican as you want, you can have a lifestyle that includes, for example, hunting, and if you get a good SAT score, they have got to let you in even though they don't want to, or they will let you in even though they don't want to.

As we get rid of SAT scores, it opens things more to subjective determinations, and the liberals who run our universities are going to use those subjective determinations to keep our conservatives out of the important universities in this country.