Happy Birthday to Lowell Dibble and Max Wilson

Floor Speech

Date: March 27, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize two World War II veterans who recently celebrated their 100th and 101st birthdays.

Lowell Dibble of Iowa City, Iowa, celebrated his 101st birthday on St. Patrick's Day. Mr. Dibble served as a radio operator for the Merchant Marines during the Second World War, using Morse code and other communications to receive and record time signals, weather reports, and other information important to the smooth operation of their vessels.

Mr. Dibble starts each day with a workout and still talks to his friends in Morse code every night. He attributes his longevity to his positive attitude, his faith, and keeping busy. We can all learn a valuable lesson from Mr. Dibble, who should be an inspiration for people of all ages who struggle to find motivation in their lives.

Mr. Speaker, I also recognize Max Wilson from Maquoketa, Iowa, who celebrated his 100th birthday last month.

Mr. Wilson was drafted in 1941 and served as a bombardier during the Second World War, flying 43 missions in a B-17 in five different countries. As bombardier, he was responsible for landing more than 240,000 tons of bombs on target during critical missions throughout the war.

Mr. Wilson is a humble man who doesn't see himself as a hero, though he certainly is deserving of recognition. On his birthday, he received a special gift from the University of Dubuque's Jet Center--a private flight around Dubuque and down to his hometown of Maquoketa.

Mr. Dibble and Mr. Wilson are two heroes from the Greatest Generation, and I am honored to recognize them both on the House floor. I hope each enjoyed a wonderful and memorable birthday. China is our Greatest Foreign Threat


Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to discuss China's growing role in international relations and its impact on American national security.

In just the last few weeks, China has brokered a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia and re-established diplomatic relations with Honduras following its break with Taiwan. Both negotiations are worrisome as Iran continues to target and kill Americans in Syria and China edges closer to invading Taiwan. Also, the Chinese Communist Party is fully supporting Russia in its unprecedented and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

China's growing influence across Latin America is concerning, particularly as these relationships continue to appear lopsided. Nations are receiving investments from the Chinese, but in return are left dependent on the Chinese Communist Party.

The Middle East is especially concerning, though. For decades, the United States has brokered peace negotiations in the region or, at the very least, been in the room as these deals have been agreed upon.

Between Iran and Saudi Arabia, however, the United States was left out. The implications of this decision are profound, particularly as Iran continues to sponsor terrorist attacks as it is unclear what peace was agreed to and our response was weak.

Our Nation has watched as the Chinese Communist Party has grown in power and influence, and has fallen victim to its espionage efforts whether through TikTok, Confucius Institutes, or even spy balloons.

The Chinese Communist Party's goals are clear: Infiltrate and undermine American economic and national security. As the CCP's influence continues to grow, its threat to our national security does too. We must actively seek ways to decouple our economy, end our dependence on Chinese supply chains, and bolster our national security.

China is our greatest foreign threat and it is time we begin to act accordingly.

I wish a happy birthday to Joseph and Matthew Martino of Connecticut, who are my nephews. Happy 16th birthday, Joseph and Matthew.

Congratulations to Kyle and Jill Jacobs on the birth of their daughter, Sierra Rose, on Saturday. I hope that they are able to get some sleep.