Abortion Care is Under Attack

Floor Speech

Date: April 19, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. FROST. Mr. Speaker, I rise today because the American people know that their right to abortion care is under attack.

As I speak right now, across the street, the Supreme Court of the United States is getting ready to rule on whether or not to keep a ban on restrictions on an abortion pill that has been around for decades and has safely helped millions when they needed it the most.

In my home State of Florida, our wanna-be-President of a Governor signed a 6-week abortion ban into law that effectively means that people who have been raped, who are the victims of incest, and who are experiencing life-threatening pregnancies are going to be denied the care that they need and will be forced to give birth.

It is barbaric and disgusting. That isn't liberty. That isn't freedom. Being able to make a decision about your future and your body, that is freedom. Having control over your own reproductive care, that is freedom. Having a choice, that is freedom. That is what we need to fight for: freedom and liberty for all of our people, not ripping away one of their most sacred human rights.