Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023

Floor Speech

Date: April 19, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. JAYAPAL. Mr. Chairman, I rise in deep opposition to this bill. We should rename it the cancel kids trans hate bill. This bill fuels a virulent hate campaign against kids who just want to play with their friends.

Don't believe for a minute that this is about protecting women and girls because if Republicans cared about that, they would not be voting against equal pay, against paid sick leave, against universal childcare.

The way that this bill targets children in the name of gender equality is insulting. That is why women's organizations around the country, including the Women's Sports Foundation, have denounced this bill.

In reality, it actually endangers all women and girls. Think about it. How do you enforce this ban? How do you verify a girl's ``reproductive anatomy''?

If a young girl--if your daughter doesn't look feminine enough, is she subject to an examination? This is absolutely absurd.

Republicans are cruelly scapegoating children to distract you from the very fact that you don't have actual solutions that answer the American people's problems.

This attack on transgender children, though, also has dire consequences. Over 75 percent of transgender students experience harassment or discrimination at school.

Mr. Chairman, 82 percent of transgender kids have considered suicide, and 40 percent have attempted suicide.

These bills tell some of the most vulnerable children in our country that they do not belong. Shame on you.

To trans people everywhere, I say, I see you, and I will fight for you. That is why last month I introduced the Transgender Bill of Rights with 100 cosponsors to stand up for trans kids so that you can lead your full lives as your authentic selves.

Mr. Chairman, I am the proud mother of a trans daughter, and when she came out to me, I unconditionally embraced her because I unconditionally love her.

If you don't understand what is going on with these kids, that is okay. I have learned so much from my daughter. Let's learn together, but don't, don't use our kids as punching bags and put them in danger.

When the Republican Governor of Utah, Spencer Cox, vetoed a similar sports ban, he said this: ``I always try to err on the side of kindness, mercy, and compassion. . . . I don't understand what they are going through or why they feel the way they do, but I want them to live.''

I want them to live. So to my colleagues, I say, stop targeting our children. Let them play. Let them live. Vote ``no'' on this hateful bill.