National Rendering Day

Floor Speech

Date: April 20, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BOOZMAN. Mr. President, I rise today in recognition of National Rendering Day.

As ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and a voice for Arkansas farmers and ranchers, I have seen firsthand their dedication to producing the most affordable, abundant, and safe supply of food in the world. That responsibility extends beyond the farm, with rendering playing a critical role in ensuring we can meet the growing global demand for food, feed, and fuel.

U.S. renderers contribute $10 billion in annual economic activity. These include many small businesses which are the backbones of our economy. Utilizing innovative technologies and a highly skilled workforce, renderers reclaim otherwise wasted animal material such as protein, bone, and fat, as well as used cooking oil from restaurants.

For hundreds of years, renderers have been upcycling the unused materials into higher-value applications including pet food, biofuels, soaps, gels, and candles in addition to fertilizer. By reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, rendering makes our food production footprint smaller and helps minimize the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and food production.

In Arkansas, there are many successful rendering companies, and I am grateful for the jobs they create and their proficiency in generating useful products for consumers. We celebrate the inaugural National Rendering Day on April 21 and recognize the countless contributions of the industry to protecting the environment, delivering sustainable solutions, and growing the economy. I am pleased to join this special acknowledgment to help bring awareness to reducing and eliminating food waste through rendering and promote rendered products as a sustainable choice for our planet.