Recognizing Ms. Tina Matthias, Constituent of the Month

Floor Speech

Date: May 15, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. VARGAS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Ms. Tina Matthias, outstanding sustainability advocate and community member in the 52nd Congressional District.

Ms. Matthias is being honored for her long-time advocacy for the sustainability of our planet and commitment to environmental issues. She created the nonprofit organization, South Bay Sustainable Communities Network.

Ms. Matthias originally founded the South Bay Sustainable Communities Network in 2020 and in 2022 established the ``Youth 4 Sustainable Future'' program at local high schools, providing students and youth with environmental education and tools to take action to reduce the impact of climate change. As Founder and Executive Director, she works directly with the South Bay community advocating for the importance of how to lead a sustainable lifestyle through composting, organizes community clean-ups, hikes and hosts monthly educational zero waste workshops. The nonprofit organization has worked directly with 16 local neighborhoods to compost 49,800 pounds of food waste which prevented 1,992 gallons of gas used in waste transportation, and 33,665 pounds of Carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.

Ms. Matthias began her career at the Living Coast Discovery Center as the Volunteer and Programs Manager, serving for more than 32 years. For her dedication, Tina Matthias was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellow Award for Dedicated Humanitarian Services from the Lions Club International Foundation and her nonprofit received the Organization Award for Sustainable Champion from the City of Chula Vista.

Ms. Matthias is being honored as the 52nd District Constituent of the Month in April 2023, during the month of Earth Day. She is recognized for her decades-long commitment to bring awareness of long-term solutions to address climate change, as well as education about sustainable practices to use in our everyday lives.